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IAC-2014 International Automation Congress Recap



The IAC 2014 Congress was held 29 -31 October, 2014 in Hotel Ramada Budapest.



Hereby we wish to thank our sponsors, the speakers, exhibitors and all participants for their committed participation on the   Congress. We will announce the details of the next conference on the website and also circulars will be sent by e-mail.



The Congress in details:
• 185 people registered from 12 countries
• Plenary lectures were held by 5 invited speakers
• In the field of Factory Automation 14 presentations were held
• In the field of Process Control System altogether in 6 sessions 41 speakers had presentations
• Among the producer and developer companies 16 introduced their brand new products on the Congress
• Most of the presentations were uploaded on the usb stick which was given as part of the Congress package. Also on this memory stick the bios of the speakers and the abstracts can be found.
• The pictures of the Congress can be seen on the webpage Photos from where you can also download them.
• The list of participants can be also found on the website.



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